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A Williamstown Landscape with Topline Grandeur

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Designed by Love It Landscaping

The brief for this high-end landscaping project in Williamstown was to soften the lines of the house and pool, while providing functional aspects to the garden. Constructed by Troy Lovett of Love It Landscaping, the result certainly delivered on the client’s expectations. The team used three large lightweight Topline black cube planters from our range to lend grandeur and sophistication to a practical area of the outdoor space.

Strategically placed at the side of the house and overlooked by sitting room windows, the two Topline pots are staggered along the narrow pathway. They are beautifully planted with mature Birch trees and Native Violets which gently cascade over the sides. This narrow part of the garden has very tight access and is used as a dog run for the client's well-loved pooch. Established trees were deliberately chosen by the client to provide shade for the dog. Although the trees had to be craned over a fence into the pots, the visual effect is well worth the effort.

Despite their large size, the Topline pots did not have to be craned in. The lightweight planters were manually lifted over the fence with two men on either side. Troy notes, "if these pots were standard weight, there is no way we could have achieved that."

The narrow, windswept space originally housed egg-shaped pots that were top-heavy. In strong winds, one of the pots toppled and smashed poolside pavers. The design team knew that square-shaped pots have a lower centre of gravity and are unlikely to fall. There were many reasons for choosing the Topline cube planters for the job. Troy remarks, "There aren’t a lot of these type of high-quality landscaping pots out there, especially with the lined [striated] texture which brings such a dignified look. These pots aren't going anywhere in a strong wind!"

The planters certainly lend gravitas, both physically and aesthetically, to this beautifully designed landscape.

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