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A Modern Malvern Marvel

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Designed by The Botanical Group Pty Ltd

This recent landscape design marks another stunning architectural triumph for The Botanical Group, along with renowned designer Jack Merlo and custom builders VCON Pty Ltd. This Malvern backyard has been transformed into a contemporary oasis encompassing a sleek pool and lounge area.

Minimalist lines are perfectly complemented by statement pots from our Geo Rok range. Echoing the scale of the outdoor area, these unusually large pots frame a freestanding fireplace that seems to reach for the sky. Planted with Dwarf Crepe Myrtle, the giant pots add to the sense of height and grandeur, while their colour and shape contrast beautifully with the surrounding white contours.

Installing oversized pots in a domestic setting often presents logistical challenges. Crane access was not a viable option for this project, so the feature pots were positioned using some deft forklift manoeuvres and extra manpower. They will certainly stand the test of time.

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