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Glasshaus Nursery

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The ideas behind Glasshaus creations are just as inspiring as the strikingly unusual flowers and plants they work with. Owner Paul Hyland has been a grower for over 20 years, and an innovative nurseryman most of his life. In that time he’s never stopped experimenting with varieties and materials. Paul brings his infectious enthusiasm and outstanding expertise to every job.

As a multifaceted design-based business Glasshaus offers landscaping, plantscaping, conceptualising and styling. Its extensive team of horticulturalists, florists, industrial designers, carpenters, landscapers and steel fabricators work together to create the most beautiful atmosphere for client events.

A garden can provide infinite pleasure and have many functions. When designing a garden, the Glasshaus team’s first priority is to understand how their client wants to experience the space. With every job our aim is to produce a unique botanical creation that will surprise and enchant.

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