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Vicinity Greenwall Installation

How it works

How is the Greenwall works
  • Hardware

    We provide all the necessary hardware you need to assemble a vertical garden. Our modular hardware allows you to assemble a vertical garden quickly and effortlessly. Our pre-engineered irrigation system allows for easy and reliable irrigation, taking away the need to design new systems for every project.

  • Electronics

    Our smart sensor technology will monitor the system and ensure that it is functioning correctly at all times. The sensors can detect irrigation failures, alerting the customer and operators at Vicinity of any problems before long-term damage can occur.

  • Software

    The garden is connected to a central server and web-based management platform, which lets customers remotely manage gardens; with options to change pump and irrigation timing, adjust settings on the irrigation, and set up alerts.

Installation Overview

Installation procedures
  • Step 1

    Install the tanks to the wall. Optionally connect the master tank to the water supply and overflow drain. The master tank and expansion tanks are joined using simple pipe connectors, supplied in the kit.

  • Step 2

    Install waterproof plastic sheeting as a splash protector.

  • Step 3

    Install the mounting rails, using the tanks to manage spacing.

  • Step 4

    Install irrigation kit and optional remote monitoring system. Drippers are inserted into the tops of the highest tier of pots. Water passes through the pots via gravity, collecting in the base tanks to be reused.

  • Step 5

    Pre-plant all pots off-site at the nursery, as per the intended landscaping design. First, insert each plant into a bag, then tie each bag into a pot.

  • Step 6

    Lastly, clip the pots onto the mounting rails so they nest into a honeycomb matrix, giving you an instant final effect.

Greenwall Installation Guidelines

Download PDF

Product Requirements

Benefits of Our System
  • Plant


  • Plant bag

    Plant bag

  • Rail


  • Hexagon pot

    Hexagon pot

  • Irrigation


  • Waterproof sheet

    Waterproof sheet

  • Master tank

    Master tank

  • Secondary tank

    Secondary tank

  • Pump DC50 (above 4 meters)

    Pump DC50 (above 4 meters)

  • Pump DC40 (below 4 meters)

    Pump DC40 (below 4 meters)

  • Monitoring system (optional)

    Monitoring system (optional)

  • Float sensor

    Float sensor

Site Requirements

Electrical circuit for pump

Electrical circuit for lights with digital timer and back-up (indoor gardens only)

50mm drainage point (optional)

Water supply (optional)

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