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Painted Finishes

Essential info and product care

The paint finishes shown here can be applied to many of the ranges we sell although the preparation required and the type of paint used will vary according to the material of the pot and the existing finish. Broadly speaking, any pot that does not have a glazed finish can be painted. Some of the finishes are applied straight from the can, as supplied by the manufacturer, while others depend on the expertise of the painter to achieve the desired finish.

  • Stressed Lime Wash Cretan Terracotta

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    Stressed Lime Wash Cretan Terracotta

    Product Code: GK002SL


    This is a 'Plaster of Paris' lime wash finish painted on a Cretan terracotta pots and then sanded back (stressed). Can be done on any paintable pots with raised sections.

    Finishes may vary from the photographs shown.

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