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DIY Greenwall Project In Queensland

Friday, February 10, 2017  |  Author: Martin Kellock
Tags:  Greenwall Project
DIY Greenwall Project In Queensland

Australia's first Vicinity Greenwall was installed in a new apartment complex in Indooroopilly, Queensland. As no installers were yet familiar with the system, the client's builder used our comprehensive written instructions – with some phone support – to get the job done. Successful installation was achieved with ease despite no prior experience, training or on-site help – a testament to the system's simplicity. Our client, Clare James Landscape Design, got an amazing result and an instant effect, as if installed by a Greenwall pro! Clare says, “plant install was fast, even with the high number of pots; I especially like how easy it is to remove pots for plant replacement if needed”.

More images here.

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