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Balcony Lite Pots

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Balcony Lite

Best suited to light domestic and commercial applications and not recommended for heavy duty landscaping. 

All planters in this range carry no guarantees as to their suitability as water holding or restricted drainage containers without extensive internal sealing at the customer's own risk.

While this product is ideal for domestic and light commercial rooftop and balcony applications it is not recommended for heavy duty public area landscaping where products may be subject to heavy knocks.

Balcony Lite planters weigh up to 70 percent less than ceramic and are hand-made from high-quality fiberglass with finely attuned mineral admixtures. Select from a range of large garden pots, bowls, troughs and cubes made to withstand weather extremes. Potting mix as a planting medium is exclusively recommended for use in this product and plants with aggressive root systems such as bamboo and sansevierias should be avoided.

Where the product is not used as intended, as specified in the 'Essential Info and Product Care' for that range or if the product is modified by plugging, cutting or drilling without the written endorsement of MKPP the warranty will be void.

Finishes may vary in appearance from those shown in pictures.

This range is being phased out to be replaced by the Smartline Range.

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