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Iron Rust and Verdigris

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The Iron Rust and Verdigris are paint finishes applied to pots made from suitable materials such as GRC, fibreglass, fibre clay and unglazed ceramic or terracotta. Some materials will also require to be sealed internally to prevent moisture seeping through resulting in delamination of the finish. This will add to the cost. The finishes cannot be applied to glazed ceramic pots.

Finishes are applied to order and, especially in the case of the rust finish, require a minimum 7 to 10 days to achieve the desired result as the process can be affected by temperature and weather conditions. Failure to allow for this can result in a product that needs further treatment once it is delivered.

These finishes should not be subject to constant exposure to water such as in a pond or water feature. The finish can also be expected to gradually change and darken over time especially when placed outside.

When placed outside scuffs and hand marks will tend to wash out in the weather or when watering however if using the finish on pots placed inside it is advisable to apply a clear glaze over the top to prevent scuffing.

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