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A-Series Pots

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These Atomic Glazed pots come in vivid reds, oranges, yellows and greens. As these full strength Atomic glazes are, at present, only achievable by firing at a low temperature the clay in the pots are not able to withstand severe cold and frost without cracking. This is not a problem for most Australian urban areas on the coast. Please note that there can be wide colour variations between kiln batches which makes matching to pots previously purchased a difficult task without detailed photographic reference. Finishes may vary from the photographs shown.

Glazed pots all have crazing which is almost invisible to the eye but can become more apparent over time with the build-up of mineral deposits from the potting mix which seep through the sides of the pot. This is easily removed by lightly rubbing with dry fine steel wool available from all hardware stores. The use of this fine steel wool will remove the mineral deposits and not damage the glaze.


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