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Interior Pots

Indoor plants have been credited as being able to naturally filter air impurities making them ideal for creating healthy interior spaces. Not only do plants add to the aesthetic appearance of a room or area, recent research shows that just three average floor-standing plants or six standard table-top plants significantly improve the air quality in an average-size office. In work settings industry experts often recommend a plant be placed within each person’s breathing zone.

To use interior plants you need interior pots and while almost any pot can be used indoors some are immediately more suitable than others for this purpose without the need for substantial adaptation.

The smaller glazed ceramic pots come with either no drainage holes or saucers to go underneath for tabletops, desktops, benches or shelves and come in a range of colours. We also have small desk top polypropylene cache pots in varied colours.

Moving onto the larger sizes you can use the polyethylene roto-moulded and polypropylene injection moulded ranges which come without drainage holes as floor standing planters to house large plants and shrubs. Many of these come with water reserves to keep the plants hydrated without the need for drainage but also protecting the roots from constant saturation. For those without specific water reserves we can provide wicking material and show you a simple effective wicking system. Some of these pots can be fitted with rollers to enable ease of relocation which is especially useful where troughs are being used as room dividers.

For large commercial areas where very large planters are required, such as shopping centres, we can plug and seal our landscaping pots internally so they can be planted into, confident that there will be no leakage of water onto interior flooring. The largest of these have fork lift slots for relocation purposes where required.

As well as performing the function of plant containers many of the pots we offer can enhance interior spaces in their own right a good example being the Serralunga 1825 Illuminated Range.


  • Khilia Collection
  • Serralunga 1825
  • Serralunga 1825 Illuminated
  • Oltrevaso
  • M-Series
  • Chinese Glazed

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