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We have designed our pots to complement modern architectural designs with specific attention to large landscape planters. This can be seen to best effect in our Geo Rok Range of Glass Fibre Reinforced Cement (GRC) planters the largest of which is currently 175cm diameter x 108cm tall.

We supply large pots in a wide range of materials including GRC, fibre glass, glazed ceramic, unglazed ceramic, polyethylene and steel. We are also able to apply a wide range of painted finishes according to customers’ specifications. We are also able to custom design to specific requirements.

In recent times there has been an explosion in the ranges of light weight pots on offer generally. Being made of composite materials the dimensions are not limited by kiln size, as in the case of ceramic pots, making them ideal for large scale landscaping as well as rooftops and balconies.

However it cannot be stressed enough that not all large composite material pots such as those made from fibre clay, fibreglass or GRC are alike when it comes to weight and durability. GRC is the best of these materials but even GRC pots can vary a great deal in quality according to how they are made.

Unlike other GRC products, approximately 70 per cent of the material cost of Geo Rok pots is zircon glass fibre and in contrast to other commonly used methods, the application process spreads these fibres evenly throughout the product protecting the cement finish against impact and chipping as well as reinforcing the seams.

The result is a less brittle but lighter pot than ones containing more cement and less fibre. This means we are able to make very large pots that are relatively easy to handle but suitable for imposing landscapes.

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